In 2011: I unveiled a new camera for my storm chasing travels. I came up with a creative idea to mount a GoPro HD camera to my Davis mobile weather station on the roof of my Ford Escape. It puts you in the driver's seat so to speak. This was quite a success and I now have 4 GoPro Hero3 Black Edition camera's to capture multiple angles of tornadoes, supercells, and whatever else Mother Nature throws in my path during my storm chasing travels.
In 2012: I unveiled a new camera for my storm chasing travels that I purchased through Mesodome LLC. (pictured-left). This 720p HD camera is enclosed in an acrylic dome that will rotate nearly 360° and has a wiper system to keep the dome "dry" while chasing in heavy rain. This camera and setup's purpose is to record and stream live video to the internet for your viewing pleasure while I chase from here on out giving you a far better-view of the horizon and more view-friendly video...Check out Mesodome LLC's website for more info if interested in this product or other products they offer.
In 2013: I added an iPad mini with Verizon broadband internet access to my mobile chasing equipment along with my laptop. The idea behind this device is to have a mobile tablet on the go mounted in my vehicle for quick glances at mesoanalysis and weather radar while on the road. Of course, the more powerful laptop will still be used the most but this addition provides almost a mini "monitor" display for whatever I may want to view on-the-go while traveling.
The most widely used Apple apps that I use on any of my apple devices are:

Google Maps

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