Storm Chaser & Photographer

Founder and creator of (my personal website). Here's a little about myself and background: I'm a Geography major graduate from Northern Illinois University. I also have a strong emphasis in Meteorology. While attending school I was the 2008-09 American Meteorology Society President at Northern Illinois University.  Some of the most intellectual meteorology professors in this state I was privileged to meet in their classrooms on many occasions during my college days at NIU. Meteorology has always been a passion of mine even at a young age which for most of us is where it all begins. I saw my first tornado in a farm field 3 miles from my backyard in 2004. Since that day I've become more and more interested in mesoscale meteorology and storm chasing. My focus is not limited to photographing severe weather, I also photograph winter weather as well. In the springtime, you'll find me driving endless miles across the Great Plains and Midwest enjoying nature's beauty and fury. You come to learn to appreciate every storm and chase not just the tornadoes. I've made several good chasing friends along the way to the stormy skies over the past couple of years. I'm more of a fan of photography, but I'm also getting in the habit of shooting video as well while I chase. I've been storm chasing since 2006 from my hometown of Kewanee, IL. The first-hand account and photos can be found at my blog. As far as what the future holds as a career, I see myself more and more getting into the photography-field.

B.S. Geography, Northern Illinois University, 2009. DeKalb, IL (56 hrs.)
A.S. Black Hawk East College, 2006. Kewanee, IL (67 hrs.): GPA 3.67/4.0 (Phi Theta Kappa)

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